Third Suspect in UT kidnapping case turns himself in.

Itâ??s the latest development in a bizarre case, earlier Thursday afternoon authorities say Blake Long turned himself in to Bowling Green police. Long and three others are accused of kidnapping a 20 year old University of Toledo student from China, robbing him, and then trying to ransom him off.

We sat down with Bowling Green deputy chief Tony Hetric, he told us each of the four suspects played a specific role, in the kidnapping. Hetrick says Hui Zhang was the bait, luring in the victim through a Chinese social medial website, then acting as a translator once he was taken.

Brittany long was the driver, using her car, a 1989 cutlass, to shuttle the suspects and the victim from Toledo to Bowling Green

Blake Long, Brittany Longâ??s brother, supplied the hideout. A vacant house that police say long was familiar with and had worked on as a painter, Long had even made a police report relating to the residence during the first week of August.

Nicholas Martinez, the only suspect not brought into police custody, was in charge of the money. Martinez used the victimâ??s credit card to make purchases at a local store and withdraw money from an ATM. Hetrick says they have surveillance tape of Martinez, but opted to not show us the tape, due to the ongoing investigation.

â??We want to make sure that these suspects are prosecuted effectively, efficiently and that justice is served for these crimesâ??.

Hetrick says police hope to capture Nicholas Martinez by the end of the night hopefully bringing this bizarre case to an end.