Thousands of rape kits left untested in Ohio

There were a reported 1600 untested rape kits, since then, they have tested about 1000 of them.

The Ohio Attorney General's Office has tested about 1000 rape kits out of the more than 3000 it received. But one critic says the AG should be moving faster.

When the Ohio Bureau of Investigation began working on these cases in October 2012, there were a reported 1600 untested rape kits, since then they have tested about a 1000 kits.

"DNA testing is a very complex, time consuming process, and we are very happy that we are well on our way towards meeting our testing goal of 1,500 kits by October 2013," said DeWine. "Many of these kits went untested for decades, but every kit submitted to BCI will be tested for DNA."

About an additional 1500 kits have been submitted, including about 285 its from Toledo Police Department. Despite the numbers, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine says he's proud of the progress made so far.

"One out of every four tested has come back positive. We've been able to go back to police departments and say that's your rapist. That's your guy and...go arrest him," said DeWne.

A candidate vying for DeWine's job next year, David Pepper, disagrees. Pepper said these rape victims have already waited too long and more can be done to expedite the process.ã??

(This story has been edited from its previous version.)