Thousands say farewell to Libbey

Thousands of Libbey alumni took a final walk Saturday through the halls that held so many of their memories. The school opened up its doors to south Toledo students in 1923. This school year they were forced to close as Toledo Public Schools looked to trim expenses off its 2010-2011 budget.

Tija Hampton was one of the hundreds of students displaced after the school closure. She said she hoped to finish her senior year off at Libbey. Instead, the cheerleader is getting ready for one last performance.

It took a lot to put on my uniform and to come here and cheer for the last time, said Hampton.

Although the day was upsetting for many the Cowboy pride was strong. Gregory Fletcher met his wife, Tammy in the hallways of Libbey over 20 years ago.

I TMm going to miss it but I hope they don TMt tear down the structures because there are so many memories here, said Fletcher.

The day included food, a pick-up Libbey-Scott alumni basketball game, tours of the building and a sock hop. No decision will has been made on what will happen to the building.