Three dead in area tornadoes

At least two confirmed tornado touchdowns in the northwest Ohio area have left three persons dead in Wood County and widespread damage in Wood County, Ottawa County, and Fulton County Saturday night and Sunday morning as two waves of severe storms moved through the region Saturday night and Sunday morning.

One person died when her car was swept off the roadway on State Route 795 just west of Lemoyne Road. The woman was driving westbound with family members following her in a separate car when the tornado hit. First responders said that her car had been penetrated by tornado debris.

A second fatality occurred in the Lake Township Police Station number one where a person seeking cover in the building was killed by high winds in the parking lot. Several police vehicles were damaged or destroyed at the police department as well.

There was a third fatality in Millbury. Details regarding that death were unavailable, but the fatality was confirmed by the Lake Township Police.

Injury totals were not available.

Lake High School was heavily damaged in the storm. Commencement ceremonies that were scheduled to take place tomorrow have been canceled. According to police radio traffic, several busses were damaged and overturned.

Homes were destroyed on Moline Martin Road in Wood County, according to the Wood County Sheriff's Department. Damage to homes was reported on Toussaint Road in Ottawa County.

A tornado touchdown near Delta destroyed several homes and barns. Heavy damage was reported on County Road 3 between County roads D and E. There were no reported fatalities in Fulton County. Injury totals were not available.

Toledo Express Airport was closed to traffic for more than two hours Saturday night and Sunday morning as airport crews removed debris from the runway. Metcalf Airport is without power and remains closed through Sunday morning until power can be restored and airport officials can assess damage.