Three homes destroyed in latest arson fire

Emergency crews battled yet another arson fire in Toledo early Friday morning, adding to the recent outbreak of intentional house fires in the city.

The latest fire started around 2:00 a.m. at a home on Western and Wasaon in South Toledo. The house was vacant, but flames spread to three neighboring homes. Two of the nearby homes were also unoccupied. A woman and her dog were able to get out from the third home safely.

Officials say the house fire was intentionally set.

All three vacant homes were destroyed. The occupied structure received significant damage but has not been deemed a total loss.

Investigators say there have been a total of eight house fire set on purpose in the city since the beginning of July. All of them have been located in either East Toledo or the Old South End. Since June there have been 27 suspected arsons and 76 since the beginning of the year.

The Toledo Fire Department insists they're doing everything they can to extinguish the problem, but Deputy Fire Chief Luis Santiago says his department needs your help. "If they are seeing any kind of activities that are suspicious or out of the ordinary, they need to call the police and report that," said Santiago.