Three Internet Cafes raided in Fremont

The Fremont Police Department executed search warrants on three Internet Cafes suspected of illegal gambling. Police raided the Lot$ of Fun(1221 Oak Harbor Rd.), Lucky Dog(1800 West State St.) and Player's Club(121 S. Fifth St.) establishments on Saturday evening seizing computers and desks from each location. The execution of the search warrants came at the conclusion of a five week investigation. Confidential informants were sent in to all three locations and received cash payouts for winning games on each of the three establishment's computers during the five week investigation.

The search warrants were coordinated between the Fremont Police Department, the Ohio Investigative Unit and the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

This investigation is similar to previous investigations in which search warrants were executed on local businesses selling counterfeit clothing and counterfeit DVD's.

The search warrants executed on the Internet Cafes on Saturday involved those establishment's non-compliance with Ohio's gambling laws.