Three years after deadly Millbury Tornado

Millbury, OH - Three years after the deadly EF4 tornado touched down in Millbury, the site where three members of the Walters family, Ryan, Mary and Hayden, were killed sits vacant and covered with grass.

Madison Walters, called Maddie, survived the ordeal. She as seven at the time.

Maddie was taken in by her aunt and uncle.

"By good therapy, great friends and our relationship with God has allowed us to create our new normal now," says Amy Sigler, Madison's aunt and Mary Walters' sister.

Amy and her husband Craig have twin girls about 16 months younger than Madison, and there was never a question where Maddie would go, and she has adapted well over the last three years.

"With Madison, it was really easy and there is really no doubt that it was meant to be," says Craig Sigler.

Amy continues, "It's just a really neat process to watch how she's blended so well with my twins. She's definitely like the big sister."

Amy says they talk about Maddie's parents and brother as much as she might need, and their faith gives them peace-of-mind.

"I think the fact that we know we're going to be reunited, she has that comfort and that peace. And we're ok with it," says Amy.

Now, Maddie and her two cousins, are more like three sisters, and Madison's life is now like your typical 10-year-old's.

Amy says, "They are busy with gymnastics. They play piano. They love being outside on their scooters and bikes."

Amy calls Masion a "tough cookie," and is amazed by her resilience.

The family will release lanterns at dusk on June 6th in memory of the Madison's parent's and brother.