Tiffin shooting, suspect charged

Police responded to a 911 call just after six Friday morning at 199 Fourth St. in Tiffin.

"There was one deceased male and three other males at the scene," says Tiffin Police Chief Frederick Stevens.

The man had been shot in the face at close range with a handgun. He has been identified as 24-year-old Thomas Nally.

Investigators questioned the three males who were at the scene.

"There was drinking involved and handing a gun off to each other," says Stevens.

Detectives performed gunshot residue tests on the other men involved but say the three men, all in their early 20's, appeared to be extremely distraught at the scene.

Police say, while they do have the regular array of crimes in their small community, a shooting is a rare occurrance.

Chief Stevens explains, "We don't get them. You know, it's not something that we get monthly or even yearly in Tiffin, so this is out of the norm for our area."

He says after the press release when out Friday morning, the social network rumor mill flew will allegations.

"It morphed into; there was a shooter on the loose in tiffin. And the police were involved in a shooting. Those are some of the rumors we've had this morning, and none of that is true," he says.

Authorities brought everyone involved to the police station, and late this afternoon released a statment charging 21-year-old Damian Magers with reckless homicide.

He is being held at the Seneca County Jail. The other two men involved were released after being questioned, but may face other charges.

An autopsy is set be conducted Saturday.