Tiger Woods scandal reaches to NW Ohio

Cori Rist /

Rossford Ohio is a town of about 6,500 people, but it only took one woman to bring the international drama that is the Tiger Woods scandal to Northwest Ohio.

I was surprised when I heard it was from Rossford because that's really close, said Joyce Hartford, a local resident.

We spoke with locals today to get their reaction to the alleged extra marital affair between Woods and 31 year old Cori Rist, a 1996 graduate of Rossford High School.

Nothing surprises me any more, especially with big stars I mean they're everywhere, doing everything, said Susan Krasniewski, a local resident.

Rist's family, who still lives in the rural Northwest Ohio town declined an on camera interview, but told NBC 24 on the phone that the girl moved to New York in hopes of becoming a model.

According to the New York Daily News, the two met at a New York party and for about six months, Woods would fly Rist to see him on tour.

The people we stopped on the street today admit to following the Tiger story as it unfolds, but they all add that with these new developments, the story has now gotten a little too close to home.

I'd rather have it stay in Florida, Krasniewski said.

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