Time to pay it forward in Holland

Hubert Wiggins talks to Holland resident Cortney Bennett.

HOLLAND, Ohio -- On Monday, Holland resident Cortney Bennett was having car trouble. "I was really having a bad day, I almost got fired on the first day of my new job because my car wasn't starting; after work I decided to go to tireman," Ms. Bennett said.

The mechanic at Tireman told Cortney that the repair would cost $100. Cortney didn't have the money and left the shop in tears.

The Tireman on Airport and Hollaway is where Holland police officers take their department vehicles to be serviced. One of the officers noticed Cortney in distress and asked her what the problem was. Cortney explained her situation and then the unexpected happened.

"He just dropped a hundred dollar bill in my lap, and he walked away before I could even see his name tag and say thank you," Ms. Bennett said.

The Holland Police Department confirmed that one of their officers authored this act of kindness but asked us not to disclose his name. Cortney hopes to thank him in person one day. "I just want to tell him thank you and you are a blessing," Ms. Bennett said.