Toledo ad agency scores World Cup goal

Whether you are a soccer fan or not you have probably heard of the World Cup.

With hundreds of millions of people watching the once every four years tournament... It is a big deal!

And it is an even bigger deal in Russia where the country just won the bid to host the 2018 World Cup. It is also a big deal in Toledo where a local advertising agency put together that winning bid.

David Woodward will not have anyone underestimating his hometown... Especially not after he and his colleagues at NORTH Design helped score a winning goal for Russia's 2018 World Cup bid.

"There's a lot of talented folks in Toledo and people from Toledo can do anything they want to do," said Woodward, NORTH Design President.

It is their second major achievement in the sports world after also assisting the Russians score the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

"For me, there's a little bit of validation that we're not a one hit wonder. That we're doing something right and we've now helped them win twice," said Woodward.

Woodward says it is actually not that hard to work with an advertising client half a world away.

"We can work anywhere that there's a good internet connection and we have direct flights to," said Woodward.

Woodward says it is all about the product and the presentation. For the World Cup bid that meant selling Russia on one basic idea: "Ready to Inspire."

"For example, if you'll look at this you'll see the typographic treatment, the strong case of red. This is what we call the "look and feel". These are the brand elements that we develop at the beginning of the project and then we apply those things consistently like you would any other successful corporate brand," said Woodward.

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