Toledo among 8 Ohio districts facing sanctions in school probe

Ohio's auditor has named Toledo as one of several schools districts in the state of "having improperly" reported attendance data.

Ohio education officials have confirmed seven of eight school districts, including Toledo Public Schools, were identified by the state's auditor as having improperly reported attendance data or of engaging in other questionable practices.

The Ohio Department of Education referred the cases to its office of Professional Conduct, on Monday, for possible professional sanctions against the individual educators or licensed staff responsible. Punishment could range from suspension to license revocation.

The investigation looked at the practice of scrubbing, or removing poor-performing students from the rolls to improve performance rankings.

The Education Department's review of 8,500 student records confirmed scrubbing in
Toledo, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Campbell, Winton Woods and Northridge. Marion City Schools was cleared of scrubbing but were referred based on the use of "improper procedures".

The eighth district, Canton City Schools, was cleared.

Columbus schools are being investigated separately.