Toledo amputee shares her story

In April 2010 Eileen Ueberroth and her husband Peter returned from a Florida vacation. A few days later Eileen began to feel sick with flu-like symptoms. "Come to find out that I had pneumonia and sceptic shock which triggered a condition that led to the loss of blood flow to my hands and legs," Mrs. Ueberroth said. Doctors were forced to amputate both of Eileen's hands and feet. Eileen's husband Peter says her courage gave the family strength. "She supported us, without her courage we would have all been basket cases," Mr. Ueberroth said.

Eileen was fitted with prosthetic legs at Perry Prosthetics in Perrysburg. Owner Chris Perry, had his right leg amputated after a motorcycle accident 30 years ago. "Everybody has the potential to get back to the types of activities that they did before but the biggest determining factor is human will," Mr. Perry said.

The staff at Perry Prosthetics is now working with Eileen to get her prepared for prosthetic hands.