Toledo Are Humane Society opens doors to Florida dogs


TOLEDO, OH (WNWO) - While the state of Florida braces for Irma, the rest of the nation is on standby to help out. The Toledo Area Humane Society is opening their doors to help make the rebuilding process easier.

It was all hands on deck at the shelter late Friday night, as the staff and volunteers waited for the arrival of 12 new dogs. The dogs are all fresh off the plane from Florida.

Back when Hurricane Katrina hit, there was an onslaught of new strays entering the local shelters. Humane societies across the country opened their doors to help. But, unfortunately this made it difficult for the pet's owners to locate them.

The hope is that, by emptying shelters in Florida ahead of time, they will be better prepared to take in the new strays after Irma.

"We're all in this together, humane societies and ASPCA's all over the country," said Stephen Heaven, President and CEO of the Toledo Area Humane Society. "It's really nice to lend a hand and help each other. Also, if we were in trouble, it's really nice to know that they'd be there to help us out."

The dogs will be checked over upon arrival. They should all already be vaccinated and spayed or neutered. They'll be housed in the kennels overnight, and most will be ready for adoption on Saturday.

This is only the first round of shelter animals to arrive at the Toledo Area Humane Society from Florida. The next is scheduled to arrive on Sunday night, and it's expected be an even larger number of pets. Approximately 50 animals will arrive at eth shelter doors, both cats and dogs.

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