Toledo Autism Model School students making progress

The Toledo Autism Model School is a public charter school for young people with autism that opened its doors in 1998. There were 32 students that first year. There are 96 students enrolled in this current school year. Jeffrey Quinn is one of the instructors and he says that parents play an important role in the school curriculum. "Parents come in, they work with the teachers, they work with our behavior support team and as a team we create goals," Mr. Quinn said.

Young people up to the age of 21 are eligible to attend the Toledo Autism Model School. There is a waiting list for new students with over twenty names on the list. Parents make up half of the membership of the board that oversees the school. A new staff member this school year is Joel Vidovic. A graduate of Ohio State University, Vidovic moved from California to Toledo last fall to serve as the school's Behavior Management Director. One of his repsonsibilities is to create programs that will help correct innapropriate behavior in students. "We have made some progress, and we are excited about more progress that we are going to be making," Mr. Vidovic said.