Toledo 'backseat robber', rapist sentenced to 73 years in prison

Delexis Maloy is seen crying in court after being read his sentence, Monday, Nov. 15, 2010.

The Toledo man who terrorized women in the city of Toledo in March 2010, hiding in the backseat of vehicles before robbing and even raping his victims at gunpoint, has been sentenced to over seven decades behind bars.

Delexis Maloy, 20, was removed from the courtroom Monday morning after being sentenced to 73 years in prison. He was found guilty in Lucas County Common Pleas Court in September, of eight felony counts including kidnapping, rape, aggravated burglary, robbery and aggravated robbery. Upon hearing his sentence, Maloy began to cry. He yelled expletives at the judge before being led from the courtroom by authorities.

"I think that gave everyone a glimpse into who Delexis Maloy really is. He's a monster," said Assistant Lucas County Prosecutor Lindsay Navarre.

One of Maloy's victims can attest to that, though she says she is praying for him, she cannot get his crime against her out of her head.

"Within a few seconds he was at my car with a gun to my head and he made me open the door," said the victim who did not want to be identified.

She gave him all she had but says he still was not satisfied. "He was beating me in the back of the head with the gun and he told me to take him to the ATM," she said.

She says she thought Maloy would kill her.

"That's all I could think about when I was in the car with him. At first I thought about my daughter. I thought it was over," said the victim.

In the courtroom Monday it was Maloy who shed tears. Maloy's defense attorney called him an "excellent client" up until his outburst in court and says he will appeal the ruling.

"We'll file a notice of appeal next week. The appellate process for this case would be limited to the plea-taking process, the motion to withdraw and the sentencing," said Defense Attorney David Klucas.

Maloy's victim says no matter the sentence.the wound will never completely heal.

"It will never be total closure because it happened," said the victim." And no matter if you get past something or you're doing better, the fact that it still happened--that's what affects you the most."

Maloy perpetrated a number of crimes including armed robbery, assault, and rape beginning in early March. In most incidents, he hid in the backseat of unlocked vehicles waiting for his female victims to return. He would then point a gun at them, demand money and order them to drive to nearby ATMs. In his last incident, the armed robbery escalated to rape.

After weeks of terrorizing the city, Maloy was arrested in mid-March during a traffic stop in South Toledo.

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