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      Toledo brothers launch campaign to locate long-lost siblings

      Fourteen years after six Toledo brothers were separated by a domestic violence tragedy, the brothers are looking to reunite with their long-lost siblings.

      The boysâ?? mother, Arletha Brown, was shot by Scott Robinson, the boysâ?? father, on Sept. 24, 1999 at a home on Langdon Street in South Toledo. She died on the way to the hospital.

      After bouncing through several foster homes, four of the boys were eventually adopted by other family members. The youngest siblings, Dontrice and Shaton, are believed to have been adopted by other families. Neither has had contact with the family since.

      20-year-old Xavier Robinson recently launched a social media campaign to help find and reunite with his baby brothers. Robinson is also working with local adoption agencies.

      â??It would be nice to get up and not have to worry about where they are, if theyâ??re alive or not," said Robinson.

      Robinson said his father has not been able to provide any help locating his brothers as he remains in prison. A recent tip that one brother could be living in Columbus may finally help these brothers reunite.

      If you have any information that may help locate Dontrice and Shaton, please contact the Facebook page Find Dontrice and Shaton and the @Shaton1998 Twitter account.READ: Man sentenced for lying about whereabouts of missing Skelton brothers