Toledo brothers sued by state for 'shoddy' home repairs

This is an ad that appeared on a Twitter account registered to Roger Sutherland under the handle @ToledoAppliance. The company's contact information has been removed from the ad.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine announced a lawsuit on Thursday against two Toledo brothers who operated Toledo Appliance Repair.

The lawsuit accuses Roger Sutherland and Shawn Wheeler of performing shoddy work and misrepresenting their services.

The Attorney General added that his office is seeking consumer restitution, an injunction to stop further violations, and civil penalties.

â??These individuals came into consumersâ?? homes, made repairs without providing estimates, and then surprised consumers with the bill,â?? Attorney General DeWine said. â??Because consumers filed complaints, we were able to detect a pattern of violations, and we encourage any other consumers who believe they were treated unfairly to contact our office.â??

The brothers advertised on Craigslist and in the yellow pages, often using the names Toledo Appliance Repair, Toledo Appliance Guys, or Brothers Appliance.

The AG's office says 15 consumers filed complaints against the business, reporting total losses of $5,844.50, including a $2,200 loss and a $1,300 loss. Consumers generally said that after the business repaired an appliance, the appliance quickly broke again, often within hours or days of the repair.

Customers claimed the business advertised a one-year warranty but say Sutherland and Wheeler never returned to make the additional repairs. The pair also claimed to accept credit cards but once in a consumerâ??s home, they said they only accepted cash.

In addition, some consumers said they were expecting only an estimate but claim that the business quickly made the repair and handed the consumer a bill.

A copy of the lawsuit is available on the Ohio Attorney General's website.

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