Toledo casino hopes for continued high revenues

      Revenues are up at Hollywood Casino Toledo

      April revenues for Ohio's four casinos are expected to be released Tuesday, one month after Toledo's casino saw substantial gains.

      In March, Cincinnati's brand-new casino raked in $21 million during its first month of operation. The other three casinos saw double-digit percent increases in their revenues.

      Toledo had the biggest gains, from $14.8 million in February to $17.8 million in March. That's a 20 percent increase.

      The Hollywood Casino Toledo will celebrate one year since its grand opening in May. Since opening its doors, the casino has paid out over $33 million in jackpots. The casino

      reported revenue

      earnings of $14.3 million in January, up a half-percent from



      Statewide, casino revenues increased from $55.5 million in February to $84.3 million in March, partially because of the addition of Cincinnati.

      The four casinos approved by voters in 2009 opened within a 10-month span, beginning with Toledo and Cleveland last May. The Columbus site opened in October.

      Combined, they've brought in $543.6 million. A third of that has gone to Ohio's schools, counties and cities.

      (The Associated Press contributed to this article.)