Toledo charities help children prepare for the new school year

Helping a student read

Project Dignity, located in Pilgrim Church, 1375 Sylvania Ave. in Toledo distributed school uniforms and supplies, on Saturday, August, 10, to families who could not afford to purchase the clothes their children need to attend school.

Ellis Young, the Pastor at Pilgrim Church, commented about the need in the community for school supplies. â??I think the need speaks for itself. I think we assume that the average family can afford uniforms and notebooks and backpacks, but I think the evidence shows that is not the caseâ?¦There is still a lot of need in our community,â?? Young said.

In 2012, Project Dignity distributed over 600 uniforms to families. This year they have out nearly 1,000 uniforms.

The Pastor mentioned how important it is for children to start off the school year with the right equipment. He said, "nothing feels worse than showing up for school and the students around you are equipped for the days work and you are not. To be empowered that way, I think is very fulfilling in terms of self-esteem issues and being prepared to tackle whatever is in front on them."

Books 4 Buddies, a program that provides books to young people who might not otherwise get them, held an event to promote an active lifestyle and to receive free books.

Laneta Goings, who founded Books 4 Buddies in 2012, mentioned how important it is for children to continue reading through the summer. "A lot of kids have never even owned a book and a lot of kids do not have the opportunity to go to public libraries. I feel this is filling the voidâ?¦Kids just gravitate towards the books. It really touches the heart, seeing kids who are taking and reading the books."