Toledo City Council considered liquor permit renewal objections


TOLEDO, OH (WNWO) - More than 100 local businesses are trying to renew their liquor licenses this year, but Toledo Police want three of them to be rejected.

Officers say they are hot spots for crime, and police are constantly being called to the locations.

The Toledo City Council held its yearly liquor license renewal hearing on Thursday. The Toledo Police Department objected to three establishments, and they issued a formal notice to two more.

Pack P & D (also known as The Spigot), The Pour House, and Antidote (formally Lyrics Lounge) were all discussed during the hearing. Each establishment is under fire due to their extensive reports of criminal activity in and around their locations. Lucky Dollar and Brook’s Bar and Grill were the recipients of the formal notices.

Lt. Joe Heffernan with Toledo Police stated, "they've gotta go. We've warned them through the years. This isn't anything that happens just over one thing. This is a compilation of events that have happened over the years."

Reports range from public urination and parking violations up to fighting, shots fired, and homicide.

Multiple owners appeared at the meeting to contest the police department's objections, and to try and save their livelihood.

"I am sorry for what happened, but for being in business for 25 years - I think that should count for something,” plead Janet Craig, owner of The Pour House. “I did a lot for the kids. I had parties for them. We donate a lot to the burn unit of the shrine, and we sponsored a lot of kids activities."

Other members of the community voiced their concerns that the bars were making their neighborhoods unsafe.

Amy Lehman, a resident near Brook’s Bar and Grill, shared, “in the morning, there’s all kinds of litter and alcohol bottles. We've found syringes and other drug paraphernalia. Our neighborhood's a really quiet, working class neighborhood. It's a diverse neighborhood, and we just kind of would like to keep it that way."

The liquor permit objections will all be brought before full council next Tuesday for a vote.

If the council upholds the police department's objections, then the license will be brought before the State of Ohio sometime next year.

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