Toledo City Council to vote on 2014 proposed budget

Mayor D. Michael Collins presented the proposed budget last week.

A $244 million budget heads for a vote Tuesday afternoon for Toledo City Council approval.

The $244 million proposal focuses on public safety with funds set aside for new police and fire classes. The budget allocates funds to re-open the Northwest Police Station, which Mayor D. Michael Collins promised during his mayoral campaign. The station is set to open April 1.

Mayor Collins presented the budget last week, where he also addressed the fate of the city's pools this summer, announcing three pools and a splash pad would open this year. He said the funds to operate the pools will be used within the Police Athletic League.

The snow removal budget is asking for an additional $3.9 million to the city's snow and ice removal in the wake of Toledo's record-breaking winters with more than 84 inches of snowfall.

The City of Toledo exceeded the initial ice and snow removal budget of $5.5 million. The added funds would replenish the cityâ??s salt supply and pay road workers for overtime hours.

Toledo City Council meets at 4 p.m.