Toledo community hopes girl's tragedy leads to change

Community members have mapped out where the problem areas are near Burroughs Elementary.

A South Toledo community's fight to protect area children, as they walk to and from school, took center stage at the Burroughs Neighborhood Organization meeting on Monday night.

7th grader Autumn Williamson was seriously injured on April 4th as she walked home, after school, near the intersection of South Avenue and Airport Highway.

â??I think it was the mirror that hit her face and the back tire got her leg,â?? Autumnâ??s mother Tonya Williamson recalled of the accident.

In the hopes of preventing any more injuries, or even deaths, residents living near Burroughs Elementary School contacted the City of Toledoâ??s Division of Transportation.

The Commissioner of Traffic, Gary Stookey, then conducted a study of traffic patterns and safety resources in the area.

During Monday nightâ??s meeting, Stookey told concerned residents the findings of his study but found that many of his solutions were not the same as those held in the community.

â??Getting a blinking light and a crossing guard, thereâ??s no other way,â?? Tonya Williamson said of the changes she wants to see made.

Williamson is in the process of getting enough signatures to get add the extra crossing guard to the area.

A Toledo Police officer was also at Monday nightâ??s meeting and encouraged community members to take down tag numbers and call police when they see reckless drivers in the area.