Toledo counselor discusses 'Slender Man' stabbings

A Toledo counselor says kids have talked to her about Slender Man, the fictional online character that Wisconsin police say inspired two 12-year-old girls to hold down and stab their friend. The counselor says the same kids who discussed Slender Man discussed violence.

The two girls in Wisconsin are being charged as adults after holding down their friend and stabbing her 19 times. They told investigators they did it to please Slender Man. The victim survived.

Harbor Symmetry Wellness Director Marsha Drees says the stabbing is a reminder that parents need to monitor what their kids do online.

â??If youâ??re spending hours online, playing those games, I think it desensitizes them to whatâ??s normal, whatâ??s reality, and whatâ??s healthy,â?? Drees said.

Drees says sheâ??d heard about the Slender Man character even before the Wisconsin stabbing.

Amy Buck is a receptionist at Harbor. Her nephew found a Slender Man game online.

â??He was afraid. He thought Slender Man would come out of the woods to try and get him,â?? Buck said.

Drees says itâ??s difficult for a kid to tell the difference between fact and fiction online. She says itâ??s important to make sure your child knows the difference.