Crews working to restore power to thousands in northwest Ohio

Thousands of people were left without power well into the night on Wednesday -- some customers have even been told their power wouldn't be restored until Friday.

The wind was the clear winner of the day.

In Point Place, employees at Gary's Automotive were watching the trees sway early in the afternoon.

"All of the sudden we started looking at the big ones really moving and then we heard a big 'boom.' Off came our roof onto a couple of vehicles," CEO David Thomas recalls.

As clean-up begins, many are still left in the dark.

"Trying to stay enthused and not let (the outage) bother you," says Cecil Holston of west Toledo. He and his family just returned from an out-of-town trip.

It was no welcome home.

"One of the greatest feelings is driving up to your house and it's pitch black," he says with a laugh.

Crews have been working 16-hour shifts throughout the region as power poles teetered in the wind.

Others toppled over.

Toledo Edison estimates some customers could be left in the dark until Friday.

While he's trying to the make the most of his situation, Holston, the father of a one-year old boy, does have concerns. He says his heat runs off electricity.

"At night time, it's getting cold and it's supposed to get colder," he says. "But (I'm) trying to have fun and enjoy (myself)."

He and his wife were able to keep cell phones charged by using their car charger. They said they're considering staying with friends or family if the outage continues beyond Thursday.

"Our government affairs officials will be working with their civic representatives, the mayors and township officials, to keep them informed of what's happening so that they'll have the latest information," said Chris Eck with Toledo Edison.

Preaching patience -- of which many are running out of.

Others, like the folks at Gary's Automotive, are looking forward to daylight and a return to business as usual.

Toledo Edison customers can find the latest information regarding current outages here.

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