Toledo felon, who wanted a race war, sentenced for stockpile of guns, ammunition

Richard Schmidt

A Toledo man who prosecutors say wanted to start a race war is going to prison for six years.

Richard Schmidt was sentenced today in federal court.

Schmidt, who served time for manslaughter, was convicted on three counts of posessing firearms, body armor and more than 40-thousand rounds of ammunition.

The 48-year-old was arrested last year after the feds raided his home and business.

Investigators say Schmidt was planning to carryout assassinations against minorities, even compiling a hit list of black and Jewish leaders in Ohio and Michigan.

Federal prosecutors released this statement after Schmidt's sentencing.

"Someone like Mr. Schmidt simply should not have such easy access to this kind of firepower," Steven M. Dettelbach, United States Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio said. "He had a prior homicide conviction and yet was able to assemble an arsenal including 18 firearms, including three assault weapons, 40,000 rounds of ammunition, hundred-plus round ammo clips and body armor. All kept conveniently on his person or in a shopping mall - along with his 'list' of potential targets.

"We owe the FBI and all of law enforcement huge debt for getting to this man before he hurt someone else again," Dettelbach said.

Schmidt also pleaded guilty to trafficking in counterfeit goods, specifically goods with counterfeit logos and brand-name markings of the National Football League, Nike, Reebok and Louis Vuitton.

Those items were found during raids at his home and business inside a Bowling Green mall.

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