Toledo Fire travels to Boston to honor fallen firefighters

18 Toledo firefighters and the chief traveled to Boston to pay their respects.

Eighteen Toledo firefighters and Toledo Fire Department Chief, Luis Santiago, were in Boston this week to honor a pair of fallen firefighters.

Last week, exactly two months after the Toledo Fire Department lost two of their own firefighters, the Boston Fire Department endured a similar tragedy.

After word of the March 26 tragedy spread, members of Toledo's Fire Department organized a trip to attend the funerals for Boston Fire

Lt. Edward J. Walsh and firefighter Michael R. Kennedy.

"We received, and continue to receive so much support from Toledo that there is plenty to share with Boston Fire," a representative for the Toledo Fire Department said on Facebook.

Those from Toledo were joined by 10,000 firefighters from around the country that gathered in the Boston area on Wednesday and Thursday.

In late January, firefighters from across the nation came to Toledo to support the fire department during its mourning period.

On January 26, Privates Stephen "Steve" Machcinski and James "Jaime" Dickman were killed while fighting an apartment fire on Magnolia Street.

The property owner, Ray Abou-Arab, is currently behind bars charged in the deaths of Dickman and Machcinski.

The Oregon resident is accused of starting the fire that Machcinski and Dickman were fighting before they died.

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