Toledo firefighters save lives at U of M game

Lieutenants Kevin Gordon (left) and Craig Elise save lives at U of M game.

Two Toledo Firefighters are being hailed heroes after saving two people at a University of Michigan football game.

While Michigan fans cheered on its football team against Nebraska, a guest in the stadium approached Lieutenants Kevin Gordon, who was working at his normal post, and Craig Elise, who was attending the game with his son. The guest urged them to come help.

"Sometimes there's injuries, trips or falls, but I've never been involved with anything as serious as life or death situation," Gordon said.

When Gordon and Elise arrived to the scene, they found a person in cardiac arrest. They immediately started CPR, but matters became more complicated.

As they were helping this person, they were told a second person was also having a heart attack. Elise's 12-year-old son was watching his father in action.

"It is so rare. I saw my son, and his eyes were huge as saucers. He was getting emotional with what was going on. He saw us shock him and see him move. I was shocked he came back that quickly," Elise said.

Elise and Gordon rushed to and helped them as well. Both patients survived and are recovering.

Gordon said he wants to thank his training that allowed him to help them.