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      Toledo gas prices sitting below $3 per gallon

      Prices the same a year ago were more expensive at $3.45 per gallon.
      Toledo drivers finishing their work week can expect some of this year's lowest gas prices in December.Average gas prices reached its lowest in three months, measuring below $3 mark, according to a GasBuddy.com Thursday morning report.Numerous gas stations including Kroger's gas station at Jackman and West Laskey Road reported $2.76 per gallon. The Marathon gas station in Maumee on Conant Street was at $2.79 per gallon. West Toledo gas stations have been reporting $2.79 per gallon. Earlier Thanksgiving gas prices measured at an average of $3.24, but to start off December, prices decreased to $3.05 per gallon.Prices around the same time this year were more expensive at $3.45 per gallon.