Toledo has collected $32,000 in Internet cafe fees

Since new regulations went into effect regarding Internet cafes in Toledo the city has collected $32,000 in fees. The city's Finance Department reports that 14 Internet cafes have applied for a license. Three applications have been approved and two licenses have been issued. The Kings Internet Cafe on Reynolds Road in South Toledo was issued a license but has since gone out of business. Nine applications were denied because of non-compliance with the zoning code and/or building code. Those applicants were referred to the Plan Commission and/or Building Inspection to pursue corrective action.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine announced earlier this week that he prefers an outright ban on the more than 800 Internet cafes in Ohio, charging that they are operating as illegal gambling venues. The way the establishments typically work is by selling phone cards to patrons who then use the phone cards to play games on the Internet to try to win cash or prizes.