Toledo looking to demolish abandoned hotel

The 11-story building is showing visible signs of decay. Toledo's mayor hopes tearing the building down will lead to more investment in and around Southwyck area

The city of Toledo is looking to demolish the former Clarion Hotel on Reynolds Road, which has been abandoned for years.

The building has become an eyesore, showing visible signs of decay, boarded up and shattered windows throughout the 11-story structure.

Toledo Mayor D. Michael Collins tells WNWO that the building is blight, and the only option is to tear it down. He says the building doesnâ??t offer a good first impression of Toledo for those getting off the nearby exit from the Ohio Turnpike.

The city is currently working on a plan to buy the property, so they can demolish it. Mayor Collins said the cost to Toledo would be somewhere around $750,000.

"We're going to be advancing, in order to assist the owners of Southwyck to market their property. And we are hopeful that within four years, we'll see something there that will be entrenched, and will be an anchor in that area," Mayor Collins said.

He said said tearing down the building will help get the ball rolling to revitalize the Southwyck area.