Toledo man arrested for mother's murder

<font size="2">A mug shot of Anthony Bertolina from a January 2013 arrest for</font> <font face="Arial,Bold"> <font face="Arial,Bold"> <font size="2">Breaking &amp; Entering Purpose Commit Felony On Land Or Premise Of Another.</font> </font> </font>

A Toledo man, arrested three other times this year, was taken into custody and charged with murdering his mother on Monday afternoon.

This time, police arrested 34-year-old Anthony Bertolina, just after noon, at his home on Winston Boulevard in South Toledo.

Officers were sent to Bertolina's home to do a "safety check." When they arrived inside the home, they found the body of 56-year-old Mary Bartolina.

Authorities say that Mr. Bertolina was taken into custody without incident, but did not release what implicated him in the murder or how Ms.Bertolina died.

According to public records, Mr. Bertolina has been arrested for several other crimes including an October arrest for driving violations and petty theft.

The 34-year-old was also arrested in August for receiving stolen property and was taken into custody in January on a breaking and entering charge.