Toledo man charged in shooting of neighbor's dog

Tyson waits to be checked out at the vet's office, Friday, Jule 2, 2010

A South Toledo man is being accused of kidnapping and shooting of his neighbor's dog after deeming it a threat to his own pet.

Surveillance footage from a neighbor's home on Rochelle Rd. allegedly shows Eric Skowron, and his friend Alisha Marie King, kidnapping a Labrador-Rottweiler mix from the backyard of Kelly Luck on Wednesday, June 23. The nine-year-old dog, Tyson, is seen in the video, nearly 20 minutes later, walking back slowly to his front-yard before collapsing next to the driveway.

Josh Luck, Ms. Luck's son, says he found the wounded dog in the yard early the next morning. After a veterinary consultation, the Lucks discovered Tyson had been shot in the eye and in the chest. Fortunate to even be alive, Tyson is recovering from partial loss of vision, memory loss and other heart injuries.

Toledo Police say Skowron called authorities on June 23 to say that he had shot a dog who was attacking his own dog. However, police have not been able to find any evidence to suggest Skowron's dog had been injured.

According to the Toledo Area Humane Society, the Lucas County Prosecutor's office is considering filing criminal charges against Skowron and King, including trespassing, theft, and illegal use of a firearm. Animal cruelty charges may also be filed by the Humane Society.

The Lucks say Tyson's medical bills have topped $5,000.

On Friday, Skowron and King were each charged with one count of prohibitions concerning companion animals torture and one count of killing or injuring animals. Skowron is scheduled to appear in Toledo Municipal Court for arraignment on July 16.

YouTube video shows a footage of the alleged kidnapping taken from a neighbor's outdoor security cameras.