Toledo man found with firearms, body armor, 40k rounds of ammunition

Weeks after federal agents raided a Bowling Green business and took its owner into custody, the Toledo man has been charged with possessing multiple firearms and several thousand rounds of ammunition.

Richard Schmidt was arrested on Dec. 21 after authorities discovered him possessing a firearm under disability. The FBI was executing warrants on suspicion that Schmidt was trafficking in counterfeit goods out of his Woodland Mall business, Spindletop Sports Zone.

A criminal indictment, unsealed on Wednesday, charges Schmidt with a variety of crimes related to the possession of 18 firearms, body armor, and more than 40,000 rounds of ammunition. The indictment says Schmidt, 47, was in possession of these items despite being found guilty of manslaughter in 1990. That conviction prohibits Schmidt from possessing firearms, ammunition, or body armor.

â??It is deeply troubling that law enforcement found this man, with a prior homicide conviction, in possession of an arsenal,â?? said U.S. Attorney Steven Dettelbach. â??We owe the FBI and our other law enforcement partners our thanks that they caught this man, with 18 firearms â?? some of them assault weapons â?? high-capacity magazines, more than 40,000 rounds of ammunition, and a bulletproof vest stored in a locked room in a mall, before anyone was hurt.â??

Federal agents say they are pleased that they were able to take a man with a significant quantity of firearms and ammunition off the streets. The items were found be authorities in searches of Schmidt's BG business, his Toledo home, and trailers in the parking lot of the Woodland Mall. Investigators say they recovered seven high-capacity magazines during the search.

Charges against Schimdt include possession of body armor, ammunition, and firearms. He is also charged with trafficking in counterfeit goods, specifically goods with counterfeit logos and brand-name markings of NFL, Nike, Reebok, and Louis Vuitton.