Toledo man sentenced in 4 carbon monoxide deaths

Steven Snow is sentenced on 4 counts of reckless homicide. / WNWO

A Toledo man who pleaded no contest to his role in the March 2011 deaths of four people was sentenced on Friday.

50-year-old Steven Snow was ordered to serve six months in custody, which will count towards three years of probation. Snow will also have to serve 1,000 hours of community service as part of his sentence.

Handing down Snow's punishment did not appear to be easy for Lucas County Common Pleas Court Judge Stacy Cook.

Cook told the court, "There is nothing to indicate that, as that night set into motion, Mr. Snow intended to commit a crime...but he is by definition guilty of being reckless with the disregard he took with leaving the generator in the house and that makes it a crime."

In March, Snow brought a gas-powered generator into the Hamilton Street house where Tamara McDaniel and three of her children were staying.

The family had been evicted from their previous home and McDaniel asked Snow, as a friend and landlord, for help her find another place to stay.

At sentencing, Judge Cook wanted to make it clear that McDaniel moved into the home knowing there were no working utilities. The night before the family was found dead, Snow brought them the generator to power electric space heaters in the home.

"Two adults in this house, both Ms. McDaniel and Mr. Snow have the ability to read the warning on the generator. They are there, not only are they written but they are drawn out," Cook said.

The next day, Snow would find McDaniel, 39; her son, Damien Reyes, 18, and daughters, Domonique Reyes, 16, and Taralynn Wood, 10, dead from acute carbon monoxide poisoning.

Snow told the court, "I didn't mean for any of this to happen. They was...not only was they my friend, they was like relatives to me. I am going to be scarred for the rest of my life."

During his statement, Snow went on to ask the victims' family for forgiveness.

Several of the victims' relatives were at Friday's sentencing, most expressing the grief and turmoil the loss has caused them and other family members.

McDaniel's niece made one of the victim impact statements before the court, saying that while she did not want Snow to serve years and years behind bars, Samantha McDaniel did say she wanted "Mr. Snow to miss a few milestones...a few milestones like what we missed."

Following the hearing, both the prosecutor and defense spoke with WNWO and seemed satisfied with the judge's ruling.

"I think the court did an excellent job of taking a difficult statute, frankly with some difficult circumstances, in making a very fair and well considered sentence," Snow's attorney Scott Schwab said.

Prosecutor Tim Braun said, " I am not quarreling with [the judge's] decision to put him in confinement for 6 months. I think that's a sanction that will impact him quite seriously."

Snow was facing as many as 20 years behind bars, a maximum 5 years for each of the 4 counts of reckless homicide.

The judge told Snow that if he is found to be in violation of the conditions for his community control he may have to serve his the remainder of his probation in prison.

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