Toledo man tells police he was living out 'childhood fantasy' at grocery store

Dean Lyden has been charged with impersonating a federal officer.

A Toledo man is in police custody in NE Ohio after allegedly fulfilling a "childhood fantasy" at a Cleveland-area grocery store.

Police in Broadview Heights say Dean Lyden, 28, is accused of dressing up like an FBI agent and attempting to convince Giant Eagle employees that he was there to investigate a criminal case.

According to police, the incident occurred June 3 at the grocery store. Lyden, dressed in a suit and wearing a baseball cap with the letters FBI stitched on the front, told the store manager he was looking for a man and woman. He also said there were other federal agents in the parking lot while speaking into a microphone in his sleeve.

He produced a gold badge with FBI markings, but when employees did not believe him to be an agent, they called police.

When police arrived, Lyden was observed wearing a belt badge that read "Federal Bureau of Investigations," an FBI pin, empty holster, collapsible baton, flashlight, and an ear piece in his right ear. He then indicated to police that he was living out a "childhood fantasy and [that] he had done it in several other cities."

Lyden has been charged with impersonating a federal officer. He has posted bond and awaits a June 19 arraignment.

A similar incident was reported a few months prior at a Giant Eagle store in a nearby town. No charges have been filed in that incident.