Toledo Mayor Bell to seek re-election in 2013

Bell defeated Keith Wilkowski (D) in a Nov. 2009 campaign for mayor.

Toledo Mayor Mike Bell has said he will seek re-election this November.

Mayor Bell made the announcement on Monday at a regular meeting of the Downtown Toledo Rotary Club at the Park Inn.

The Mayor, who had said he would announce his post-first term plans by the end of the month, posted a message to his website stating, "My life's work has been about bringing people together to solve problems. Let's continue working for progress in Toledo. - Mike."

Monday's announcement came during Bell's fourth State of the City address.

Bell, an Independent, will likely run opposite Democratic candidates including Toledo City Council President Joe McNamara and Lucas County Auditor Anita Lopez. Republican candidates for mayor may include the city's employee union president Alan Cox and former city clerk Theresa Gabriel.

Mayor Bell beat out Keith Wilkowski for the mayor's seat in 2009. The former Toledo city fire chief and Ohio state fire marshal took office in 2010.


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