Toledo Museum involved in federal investigation

<p>Museum officials say the investigation could go on for months or even years.</p>

One of the items on display at the Toledo Museum of Art is allegedly stolen from a temple in India, prompting a federal investigation with the U.S. Department of Justice.

The Toledo Museum of Art paid art dealer Subhash Kapoor $245,000 dollars for the sculpture. Heâ?? s now facing trial in India after allegedly stealing millions of dollars in art.

This is the third time in three years the museum has been involved in a federal investigation. Each of the three incidents stemmed from the purchase of stolen art.

â??Certainly, itâ??s not a good feeling to receive information that an object in your possession might not legally belong to you,â?? Toledo Museum of Art Communications Director Kelly Garrow said.

The museum said theyâ??ve been victimized by a con-artist. Museum officials donâ??t plan on pressing charges even if the item is proven stolen. They donâ??t think a lawsuit with Kapoor would be successful if he ends up in prison. Toledo attorney David Pettitjan of Groth & Associates said the grounds are there for legal action.

â??They could go upstream and sue for the money they paid,â?? Pettitjan said.

As long as the museum is able to prove they didnâ??t knowingly buy stolen art, they likely won't face any charges.

â??If itâ??s clear that the deal is too good to be true, then you probably have a duty to investigate even further,â?? Pettitjan said.

The museum posted information online regarding Kapoor days before the U.S. Justice Department called them.

Museum officials say the investigation could go on for months or even years.