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      Toledo Museum of Art discussing possible expansion

      TOLEDO - The Toledo Museum of Art is exploring the possibility of buying the Glenwood Lutheran Church and using the property for an elementary art school.Church leaders said they arenâ??t sure if they want to sell the historic building.

      According to a church leader, whoâ??s asked to remain anonymous, the church took a vote among their church members. They were asked if the building should be sold. Only 4 out of 48 church members said yes to sell the building.

      He said itâ??s still early, but selling is a possibility.

      Renee Timbrook takes her kids to the museum a few times a year. Timbrook said they love it. She says she wouldnâ??t have her kids transfer if a new art school opened, because sheâ??s satisfied with the school they currently attend. She likes the idea of the museum expanding.

      â??Certainly if itâ??s time for Glenwood Church to move on, I think the museum would be good to trust with preserving the beauty and history of the building,â?? Timbrook said.

      Museum officials stress itâ??s still too early to tell whatâ??if anythingâ??will come of the discussions.

      A Glenwood Church leader said the church is struggling financially. He says no offer has been made yet by the Toledo Museum of Art.