Toledo Museum returns ancient water jug to Italy

Ancient jug returned to Italy on Tuesday

The Toledo Museum of art has handed over a rare jug to the Italian government that was illegally dug up in the country.

The US government was there as the museum gave the ancient jug back to the Italians on Tuesday.

Tt had been on display at the Toledo Museum since 1982 when it was purchased from an antiquities dealer out of Switzerland.

Authorities believe the artifact was probably illegally excavated in Italy, smuggled to Switzerland and given a forged record of ownership.

U.S. Immigration and Customs investigators say it was part of a larger scheme by the art dealers to sell items obtained illegally.

The museum agreed in June to give back the 20-inch-tall vessel following a federal investigation that began in 2010.

The museum says returning the ancient water vessel to Italy is the right thing to do and they hope Italy will put it on display at a major museum for the entire world to see it.