Toledo officials give green light to crime camera project

Surveillance cameras are now a step closer to going up around Toledo.

Toledo City Council voted unanimously, Tuesday, in favor of a proposal by the city's police department to purchase up to 150 surveillance cameras.

The plan is expected to cost around $1.6 million and about $700,000 of that will need to come from the city.

While the measure only passed a 1st reading, it is expected to gain approval during a second and third reading in the coming weeks.

"This will enable us to have another set of eyes in the community. In the cities where they have these, the crime rate has gone done," Toledo City Councilman George Sarantou said.

The police department already has a Memphis-based vendor in line to complete the project.

TPD has used the surveillance camera program in Memphis, Tennessee to gain support for its plan to add the cameras to its crime fighting tools.

Local law enforcement, however, are not the only ones attempting to secure funding from city officials.

The City of Toledo is also being asked to commit $850,000 towards the creation of a National Great Lakes Maritime Museum.

Representatives for organization insist the money would not actually be used, but would put some infrastructure projects on hold.

Those behind the project, the Great Lakes Historical Society, say the request for funding is only bureaucratic procedure and will make them eligible for state grant funding.