Toledo on cutting-edge of energy industry

Cutting edge of renewable energy

The City of Toledo continues to find itself on the cutting edge of the energy industry's future.

NBC24 has learned of a new project being developed in the Glass City that could eventually mean many new jobs for the area.

Nestled next to the University of Toledo's Energy Center in South Toledo, a small plant has been experimenting with and quietly producing synthetic gas from bio-fuels. On Tuesday, NBC24 learned that this mini-refinery, owned by Red Lion Bio-Energy of Toledo, has much bigger ambitions.

The next stop on the road to the energy future is diesel fuel. A very clean and highly efficient diesel fuel for trucks and other industrial machinery is to be made locally from a variety of green sources including grains, feedstocks, plant life, and wood and bio-waste.

"This diesel fuel we'd be producing in Toledo has zero sulphur output.This is what the states want and this is what the federal government wants...a low sulphur fuel so diesel emissions can be reduced," said Dr. Dennis Schuetsle of the Renewable Energy Institute International (REII).

REII, based out of Sacramento, Calif. says it hopes that the Red Lion demonstration plant here in Toledo can begin producing about 350,000 gallons of the clean diesel fuel each year.

In a few years, Red Lion hopes to be able to turn around and manufacture other mini-refineries to be placed across the country. Buyers all over the world would be able to produce their own cheap and clean fuel.

The project is being funded by a variety of sources, both public and private.