Toledo Police Department's newest four-legged recruit sniffs out first arrest

Richard Reichow

One of the Toledo Police Department's newest recruits has sniffed out his first suspect.

Joker, one of two new canine units introduced Monday, alerted officers to a breaking and entering suspect found hiding in a vacant building Tuesday morning.

Police say they were called out to 3843 Seiss on a report of two unknown suspects entering the building. When they arrived they called out for the suspects to vacate the building. One suspect, Richard Reichow, attempted to flee through a window and was immediately apprehended by an officer.

Joker, a 17-month-old German Shepherd, alerted his partner, Officer Joseph Taylor, to a pile of debris in a corner room of the buidling. Hiding under the pile was Buddy Dean Rogers. The suspect was taken into custody without incident.

Toledo Police say Joker's work was the first arrest made by the new canine unit and demonstrates the effectiveness of the dogs on the streets of Toledo.

Reichow and Rogers , both of whom had warrants, have been charged with felony breaking and entering.