Toledo police fired between 40 and 50 rounds at Brian Lipp

A weeklong crime spree ended in a hail of gunfire for fugitive Brian Lipp. The 48-year-old, who Toledo Police say robbed a Rite Aid store on Monday was shot to death around noon Saturday. Toledo Police Chief Mike Navarre says his officers opened fire when Lipp pointed a weapon at them. "They did what they were trained to do," Chief Navarre said. Police had Lipp in their sights on Friday but he eluded them and escaped into Michigan. Around 9 a.m. Saturday morning Lipp was spotted in North Toledo. He was approached by an officer but fled to a gas station on Detroit and Alexis where he commited an armed carjacking. Lipp led police on a chase in the stolen 2010 Honda Civic and that chase led to a collision invoving multiple cars on the South Expressway Drive. 63-year-old Larry Collins died in the car crash, four civilians were injured as well as two police officers.

Lipp was next spotted in Wood County where he committed another armed carjacking. He then robbed a Bowling Green Walgreen's subsuquently leading police on another chase back into Toledo. Around noon, Lipp crashed the second stolen vehicle while attempting to exit the Bancroft Street exit on I-75. He pointed a gun and officers who then shot him dead. When officers approached Lipp's lifeless body thye discovered the weapon was a pellet gun.