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      Toledo Police have person of interest in dog shooting

      East Toledo residents in the 900-block of Clark Street are telling police a man from down the street shot a stray dog in broad daylight.

      Police have a person of interest in the investigation, but officials say they need more evidence before filing any charges.

      The dog is in stable condition at Lucas County Canine Care. The canine will likely need her leg amputated before being put up for adoption. Doctors at the Animal Emergency and Critical Care Center of Toledo determined yesterday that one of her leg bones shattered in eight places.

      â??At no point was she aggressive toward us,â?? Veterinarian Dr. Michael Washkevich said. â??She was sore. I mean, you would be too if your leg was shattered.â??

      The dog was shot in front of Bill Rostâ??s east Toledo home. Heâ??d been taking care of the stray, since it showed up in his neighborhood on Saturday.

      â??I just thought it was pretty bad somebody had to shoot a dog that didnâ??t bother nobody,â?? Rost said.

      Lucas County Canine Care is raising money through a Cuties Fund to pay for the dogâ??s amputation.Donations can be made in person, at their main office at 410 S. Erie, or online.