Toledo Police looking for men who robbed an elderly woman

Around 11 a.m. on Sunday morning a man knocked on the door of a home on Newport Avenue in West Toledo. The man knocking on the door did not know that his actions were being captured on a surveillance camera. A minute later a woman came to the door and the man soon gained entry into the home. Clearly seen on the video moments later is a second man walking into the home. Toledo Police Lt. Dan Gerken says that while one man distracted the elderly vwoman, the other went through her belongings. "These gentleman bullied their way into this elderly woman's home and proceeded to steal things out of the home," Lt. Gerken said. According to the police report $1,000 in cash was taken.

Emilie Owens, Vice President of Home Care Options for the Area Office on Aging, says her organization sends safety alerts to Toledo seniors. "We've sent out alerts for seniors from time to time not to open their door for anyone and if you have a question about someone at your door to call the organization," Ms. Owens.

Anyone who recognizes the men in the video should call CrimeStopper at 419-255-1111.