Toledo police pursue leads in bar shootout

The Thursday night shooting incident at the Route 66 Bar and Grill on North Westwood Ave. that was captured on videotape has become a worldwide media sensation.

An argument between a bouncer and a patron escalated into a brawl that then led to an exchange of gunfire between two groups of men- one inside the bar and another outside the bar. Toledo Police Captain Ray Carroll says that at least 17 shots were fired. "I was taken aback by the seemingly blatant disregard for any safety of anyone else in the bar; there were a lot of innocent bystanders and just to throw shots in and out of a bar is crazy," Capt. Carroll said.

A number of tips have been phoned into the Crimestopper hotline and police are pursuing other leads. "We think that one of the people involved in the shooting is an employee," Capt. Carroll said.

Anyone with any information pertaining to the Route 66 shooting should call Crimestopper at 419-255-1111.