Toledo Police step-up patrols in wake of shooting spree

Toledo Police are saturating neighborhoods, during the evening hours, where multiple shootings took place this week.

â??We did have 9 people shot in 6 different incidents,â?? Toledo Police Sgt. Joe Heffernan said.

With two killed during just a 24- hour period between Tuesday night and Wednesday afternoon, Toledo residents are worried about their own familyâ??s safety.

â??I am a grandmother. I am 61-year-old and I had to sit out here with [my grandson] to make sure no one is going to come around here and harm him,â?? Toledo resident Debbie Dusseau said.

The same fear is also keeping people from talking to news crews about the shootings.

One woman did not want to appear on camera but told WNWO â??regardless of whether [Toledo Police] put 1,000 more police out here or if [they] donâ??t. Thereâ??s still going to some killing going on there is still going to be a lot of gang violenceâ??.

Toledo Police say the people involved in the shootings are also taking part in criminal activity themselves.

â??For the normal person/citizen in Toledo, Ohio that isnâ??t a member of a gangâ?¦or involved in criminal're safe," Heffernan added.

Authorities add that theyâ??ll need the publicâ??s help in solving these crimes.

They are asking anyone with information to contact Toledo Police or CrimeStoppers at 419-255-1111.