Toledo Police target speeding motorists

Toledo Police check speeds along I-475.

Toledo Police are urging motorists to put on the brakes. Officers are targeting speeding vehicles along local roads and highways to keep construction workers safe.

"There's an issue with people out here speeding, they need to slow down," said Toledo Police Officer Tyson Phalen. "The workers are out here to improve the roads for us to travel."

Signs are marked 50 mph along stretches being targeted, such as between I-475 down to Secor Road. Phalen says travelers are reaching speeds of 65 to 80 mph and it is a "danger" to workers and others who are adhering to posted limits.

"We had a vehicle a couple of years ago go right over the median into on-coming traffic," said Phalen.

Patrolmen will be stationed along these roads between one and two times per week.

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