Toledo Police to auction impounded cars

The Toledo Police will be holding their third automobile auction of the year on Saturday.

They have 77 impounded or siezed vehicles that will be available to anyone with enough cash in their pocket to buy them.

The automobiles available range from and 1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass to a 2008 Suzuki Sx4. However many vehicles are in less than fair condition.

Many tired are flat, others don't even have keys, and a 2006 Ford truck barely has a front end. But if you can get it for a good price, the parts may pay of ten fold.

Police auctions are also a great way to find a gem. If you can wade through sludge and avoid making a bad buy.

"It's great for your kids for going to school," says Sgt. Mark Taylor, who is assigned to the impound lot.

He says that these auctions can be very popular and yield some very nice vehicles at an affordable price.